The Best Italian Restaurant is in … Costa Rica?

Our first stop of the day on Friday was an animal rescue.  The higlights included the local amphibians:

The cats:

And the monkeys:

The orphaned monkeys live in the monkey house during the day and you can visit them.  But in the afternoon, after all of the tourists have left, they open the doors and the monkeys can go out and explore on their own.  And perhaps, even visit wild monkeys.  Then, in the evening, they come home for dinner and the safety of the animal reserve.  When they are old enough, the monkeys leave for longer periods of time, and one day, just leave the shelter for good.  It’s called growing up.  It’s hard for humans and monkeys. 

But while they are waiting to become adults, they can bask in the glory of fanny packs. 

 After a couple of hours of free time (shocking, right?), we convened on the beach for the rehersal and then left for the rehearsal dinner at an italian restaurant in Puerto Viejo.  And it was some of the best italian food I had ever had.  In the middle of this little, tiny, isolated town in Costa Rica. 

I would recommend visiting if you are ever in the neighborhood.  Even though I can’t remember the name, I’m pretty sure there can only be one…

Stay tuned for day 3 …

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