Le Cameleon

The wedding took place at the Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel in Costa Rica. 

The hotel is located just a few miles from the end of the road in Manzanillo.  The road ends, there is a national forest, and then you are in Panama.  But the location means that you are far away from the rest of the Costa Rica tourist and gives you the ability to have more interaction with the locals. Even fact, a few locals were on hand to watch the wedding!

The entire hotel looks like it was built around the rain forest.  The designers did an excellent job blending the architecture with the environment.  I loved that the resort felt even smaller and exclusive due to the fact that each block of rooms is disguised behind the beautiful landscaping around the pool. 

Just a word of warning: the lodging is … spartan.  It is not a luxurious resort.  The room styles are minimalist.  The rooms are white and clean but are starting to show a little wear and tear.  Not enough to really bother me, but it wasn’t as immaculate as expected. 

The staff changes the colors of the room every day which was fun.  But all I could think about was where the pillows had been the day before. 

My only complaint was the lack of clocks in the rooms and it was impossible to schedule a wake-up call at night since the clerk at the front desk didn’t speak english.  No biggie if you were on vacation but we were at a wedding with a schedule.  Especially for the bus back to San Jose at 6:30 AM on Sunday.

In the end, it was a beautiful, if a little rustic, location and I would give the hotel 4 stars. 

However, the wedding staff gets 5 stars.  They were accommodating and supportive.  And they allowed us to continue with the ceremony on the beach during a rainstorm even though some of the equipment was getting wet.  And I’m pretty sure the wedding coordinator didn’t sleep the entire time we were there.  She was always around, fixing things, solving issues, acting as an interpreter and answering questions. 

On our way out of the hotel on Sunday, a rumor was flying that JLo was going to be staying at the hotel in the bridal suite the next week.  Apparently the location is popular with celebrities.

BTW – if you go, don’t miss out on the animal rescue a half mile up the road! 

Photos by: Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel

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