I survived “the random Thursday we had off in November for no apparent reason”

We live in a wonderful two bedroom condo downtown.  It’s four blocks from Nordstroms, a mile from work, and 5 miles from my sister.  One thing it isn’t convenient for is hosting dinner for 12 and several dogs.

We haven’t felt like celebrating any holidays since my Dad died.  So we were planning on skipping a large, traditional Thanksgiving at my Grandparents and having a simple dinner at a place where we had never celebrated Thanksgiving.  No problem said our extended family, we will come to you.  And thus began the day that we declared was not an offical holiday but we all spent together as a family for no apparent reason.  And we all made it through in one piece.  Without tears.  Well, maybe a few tears when noone was looking.  Next year, we will be back into the holiday spirit.  Bigger, Brighter, Louder, and ready to celebrate Dad’s favorite time of year. 

But this random Thursday started at my sister’s apartment.  She made a breakfast casserole and we all crashed on her couch.  Well, almost all of us.  The rest were busy working, hanging clocks and shelves. 

Then we moved to the dog park.  Where my dog insisted on playing fetch for an hour.  With a slimy green tennis ball that wasn’t ours…

And finally, we all arrived at the condo for dinner.

I don’t know why people complain about making dinner.  I think it was pretty easy.  The plan for dinner was really straight forward.  With no turkeys.  I’m not sure that I will ever be ready to tackle a turkey.  

Lori and I made White Wine Sauce Macaroni and Cheese with Irish Aged Cheddar.

The 12 people really wasn’t bad.  It turns out my dining room table expands just enough to fit 12 chairs around it.  The only problem was that I only had 11 chairs.  So Grandma and Grandpa brought me one.  And left it here.  Even after I told them that if they didn’t take it home with them, I was probably going to paint it funny colors and leave it in their driveway next time I visit.

But a couple people sat on the couch.  A couple of others took the dogs for walks.  Some of us cooked.  And the rest played games at the kitchen table.

And that’s how I got 12 people into my condo and survived.

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