Wanted: One large man to sit on suitcase while I zip

You would think that I would be pretty good at packing.  We make several trips a year to my in-laws house in CA and even more trips to my mom’s house especially during tailgating season on top of all the other random trips we make during the year. 

For short flights where I am not checking a bag, I can be packed in under 30 minutes.  Sometimes.  I finally got smart and packed a TSA approved ziplock bag with travel sizes of all of my favorite cosmetics.  I keep it filled and when I need to go, I just grab the bag, my hairbrush (because not all hairbrushes are created equal), and how ever many changes of clothing the length of the trip requires.  Oh and pajamas.  I always forget to pack pajamas. 

But this trip is different.  Not only is it long, but we are going someplace cold.  Yes, in December.  I know, if I wanted cold, I could have just stayed home. 

Do you know how much space winter clothes require?  I think that half of my duffel bag is winter scarfs, gloves, hats, fleece jackets, baselayers, boots….  You get the idea.  That doesn’t leave me a lot of room for the thousand other things I want to pack. 

That’s a lot of stuff to fit into not a lot of space.  When we went to Africa a few years ago, we packed a couple of brown shirts, some brown pants, brown hats and a pair of sunglasses.  There was actually extra space in my duffel.  This year, I think it’s going to be busting at it’s seams. 

We also needed to purchase several things like baselayers and waterproof pants.  I think we have finally made it through the last few things on our list.  Mainly, sunglases and new running shoes.  Not that we run … but sunglasses are important.  And they had to fill many requirements. 

They needed to be polorized for glare but not to dark so that you can’t see on cloudy days.  And they have to stay on your head.  Did you know that the wonderful people that work at the sunglass store had NEVER heard of croakies?  What kind of world are we living in!!!!

But the biggest problem still remains.  How to get all of that into one bag that weighs under 50 lbs.  It could be worse, I could be my sister who is going on the same trip but isn’t planning on coming home anytime soon.  She has the bigger problem of packing for something where you do not know where exactly you are going, how long you will be gone, nor what the weather will be like.  Not to mentioned they are moving out of their apartment and placing all of their worldly goods in storage.  The stress of all of those activities would kill me!

Wanted:  One large man to sit on my duffel bag and compress all of the winter clothes while I zip.

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