This weekend we were walking down the incredibly busy sidewalk filled with tourists.  I accept that we live in a touristy neighborhood.  It’s the price I pay to live near fabulous shopping and great food.  But some times are worse then others.  And Christmas time is the worst. 

It would be so bad if everyone would keep moving.  But they don’t.  Tourist’s feel the need to stop every couple of feet to admire a building (seriously people, it isn’t going anywhere and it was here last year), take pictures of their kids (yes we know your child is the most adorable, precious, charming baby ever but do you really think that your suburban double wide stroller is a good idea to take into the city?), or stopping to look at the lights (that are all the way up and down the street.  As in, everywhere.).

All of this led DH to realize that this was a great game.  Touristed!

The rules of the game are simple.  Walk quickly in front of the person you are with, then stop directly in front of them.  When they run into you, yell, “You were just Touristed!”  Extra points if you can get far enough in front of your partner to start walking backwards before they run into you. 

If you are a regular city dweller, then you know to keep walking forward, shoving your shoulder into whoever was rude enough to try to stop in front of you while giving the offender a glare as you walk by. 

Walking, glaring, shoving, running…  it’s no wonder that I refuse to tackle the malls during Christmas.  Amazon is the best invention. 


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