I have a date!

I have a date tonight!

That’s the point of this convuluted story that I am about to tell you. 

See, we have two friends that live down the hall from us.  And they have a dog.  A very cute, white, fluffy dog.  My dog and their dog are friends.  But the family is moving to Florida and renting out their condo.  I have a request that the person they rent to be a. cool and b. have a dog.  But while I am waiting for that request to be fulfilled, they met someone who lives in our building. 

She just moved here from NY and lives one floor below us.  So my original friend is planning a date for me to meet this new person before she leaves.  Because they move while we are gone. 

So I’ll miss them.  And my Kizzy will miss their Molly.  And it will probably be years before Kizzy walks by their door without stopping to whine. But in the mean time – here’s to a first date.

I hope she likes me.

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