Help, a tornado went through my den and left no survivors.

I wish I had a before picture because the after picture is scary.

I swear this room used to be better. It was never perfect because the whole room was just an after-thought.  The bed is an old futon with an air mattress on top (surprisingly comfortable, by the way).  The headboard is made from a curtain.  The bedspread was $30 from Homegoods.  Also contributing is my husband’s desk from high school and an unfinished bookcase that my Dad built when I was little.

But now it looks like a tornado has gone through the room and pulled everything out of the drawers and closets and dumped them in seemingly random piles all over the room.  I guess this is what happens when you pack, then realize it won’t all fit so you repack then realize it’s over the weight limit, then repack again and realize that now you are leaving out your favorite sweater.

I promise that everything is at least a little organized.  Things that are definitely going to Antarctica have been packed in the big duffel bag.  Other piles are for items that may go if there is room, things that I’m taking in my carryon, computer stuff, camera stuff, etc … Alright, I admit.  It’s a lot of piles.  

The goal is to have the bag packed and maybe by the time I leave Friday morning, I will have cleaned the room and put away everything that isn’t going with me.  Or even better, maybe the garden gnomes will come while I’m gone and make sure the room is spotless.

We still believe in garden gnomes, right?

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