I was packed…

So, I was packed.  The bags were in the living room.  They had been measured and found to be the perfect weight (under even!  I’m so good).  But then I found a whole stack of things that I NEED to take with me.  And now my bag is going to be bursting at the seems.

This packing thing is totally overrated.

The other issues are that the computer isn’t charging past 81%, the carryon bags weigh a TON, and I still haven’t had time to move all of my photos to the portable hard drive so that I can take them with us.  Maybe I will have time in the morning.  That is if I’m not sweeping and mopping and cleaning the bathroom, and all the other activities that my mom trained me to do before you leave on a trip.

So mom, if you read this, I blame you for the crazy number of things I want to get done before I leave tomorrow!

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