Past the point of no return

Updated on the Dulles Airport Internet: It ate my blog post.

Attempt Two:


Well, I’m packed.  And my bags are currently somewhere in the depths of the Washington D.C. airport.  Or at least they better be.

They checked in at 45 lbs each.  Which means that Keith’s stuff is heavier but I managed to pack more.  And I was probably an entertaining sight getting the bags downstairs to the lobby.  Keith went into the office this morning (such a dedicated employee) and left me with all of the luggage.  Which wouldn’t be bad except that our duffels don’t have wheels.  45 lbs of solid carryingness.  Joe would have been so embarrassed.  The good news is that I made it in only two trips.  I was pulling both bags into the elevators as the doors were trying to close and the alarm was going off.  I’m lucky none of the neighbors came out of their hibernation to investigate the craziness.

I finally got all of the luggage downstairs and loaded into the limo.  That’s right, a classy white stretch for the ride to pick up Keith.  Who just jumped in the limo when we pulled up.  May have led to some awkwardness if he had jumped into the wrong limo…

I still haven’t figured out what I left at home.  I know what I left at home on purpose and am regretting (a grey dress for those who care in exchange for a purse to carry on the boat.  I know… I should have taken the dress).  But I can’t figure out what I possibly could have left at home.  I have pajamas, a toothbrush, hair brush … all the usual suspects.

But it’s too late now.  We’re gone.  Not even in Chicago.  And usually I would just buy another of whatever it was that I forgot, but I’m reasonably certain that Antarctica doesn’t have shopping malls.  I will obviously let you know if I am wrong.  The large number of people who have asked what the hotels are like on Antarctic continent has also shocked me.

Oh, and we were waiting in the security line behind a lady who did this same trip last year with Abercrombie and Kent.  Small world, people.

Anyway, only 4 more hours in this really crappy airport with it’s poor internet.  It won’t even let me post a picture of Keith.  Nor does it have any decent restaurants to kill a couple of hours.  Although, a number of United Lounge employees have recommended a great new sandwich place called … Potbellies.

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