Argentinian for Hello


(That’s Argentinian for Hello!)

We have been in Buenos Aires for over 24 hours.  And during our first 12 hours, we spent 5.5 eating.

But wait, I got ahead of my story.

The flight from Dulles to Argentina was uneventful and I slept for almost the whole thing.  Well, I slept after I discovered that the lay-flat bed actually goes a little past horizontal at the head.  It took me a long time to figure out that was why all the blood was rushing to my head every time I laid down.

We landed at the airport, rushed through customs, hurried to find someone holding our name on a placard, then sat and waited for another hour for the final member of our shuttle to the hotel.

We are staying at hotel Caesar Park.  And the first thing Keith and I did when we got to the hotel was go get something to eat.  We chose Italian.  Because that’s what you eat when you fly 10.5 hours south to Latin America.

Then we headed back to the hotel for a short nap.  While napping, we heard our door open and someone come in our room.  Keith jumped up and ran to the door.  And realized that it was his Dad.  They gave him the keys to our room.

According to the official register of the trip, Keith and Buzz are staying in one room and Cheryl and Elaine are staying in another.

I got sidetracked again.  To entertain you during this tangent, is Scott and Lisa doing the Tango.  Getting a head start on their mad skills at the tango show tonight.  (They may have found a new career for their lives in South America following our cruise).

After a drink in the bar, we left for dinner.  The restaurant was located behind a wall of graffiti and you ring a doorbell to get in.  Just as we are thinking where did Lisa and Scott drag us this time, the door opened and we saw this great restaurant hiding behind this crappy wall.

And then we ate.  For 4.5 hours.  8 courses.

Today we did regular sightseeing stuff and are going to a tango show.  (PS. Keith finds jumping hilarious.  This is him in Buenos airborne.)

Tomorrow morning we leave for Ushaia to join our boat.  We leave at 6:30.  AM.  So far, this trip has not been restful.


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One Response to Argentinian for Hello

  1. Lori says:

    I am already in love with your blog. If you do not post everyday, I am going to go into withdraw. Love you all!

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