The completely new and original workout idea that will make me millions

This morning, we visited two of the most beautiful stops on our trip.  Cuverville and Neko Harbor.

Cuverville has a small hill that is 851 feet tall that you can climb.  It was a lot of fun.

I like climbing and my trainer, Joe would be so proud.  I climbed the mountain in record time.  Beating my competition by hours.  Ok.  Fine.  But I beat both Keith and my FIL by a good 20 minutes.

The snow on top was so pristine that you could eat it (and I did) and so compact that your footstep’s glow a deep blue color.

We had a snowball fight at the top.

Then we slid down the mountain on our rear ends.  All 851 feet.  Or most of it anyway.  It was the most awesome sled ever and we all got some serious air coming over some of the bumps.

So I think that I should market Antarctica as the best workout ever.  Climb a mountain.  Then slid down it on your butt.  Which is so fun that you will want to re-climb the mountain to do it again!!!!

Unfortunately, we could only make this climb once because we were WAY over due for getting back on the boat.  Larry, the expedition leader and the official clock keeper, told us that the green Endurance group was notoriously late at every landing.  We are the first to be ready to go and the last to leave.

Of course, some of this is because Lisa and Scott are ALWAYS the last people to leave.  They follow the staff as they collect the flags marketing the path.

But this lack of a second climb was rectified at our second stop.  Neko harbor.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that while in transit, the Le Boreal met up with her sister ship – the recently launched Le Austral – for a photo op.

We enjoyed shouting hello at all the people on the other ship.  But the activity really made us tired so we tried to take a nap on deck.

The weather was a balmy 50 degrees (which apparently is possible in Antarctica.  It was so hot and sunny that I got a sunburn on my ears and neck.  Wear sun block everywhere people!)

Perfect for the photo op.

While the photographers were taking pictures, the crew was busy “borrowing” supplies from the other ship.  When you are at sea for 18 days, things run out.  Like tomatoes and sprit (probably due to sea sickness).

Unfotunately, no lettuce.  We didn’t have any lettuce salads for the last 5 days of the trip.  Such hardships.

Anyway, at our second stop at Neko harbor, we visited penguins, climbed a much smaller hill, and once again, slid on our butts.  This time Keith went twice and I went three times.  Such activity!  My poor body had gotten used to only having to walk to the dining room.  It’s barely going to be able to walk to work when I get home.  I’m sorry, I mean if I decide to come home.

As my boss said;  He figures I’m definetly coming back to work because I left all of my shoes under my desk.  If the shoes were gone, he would be more worried.

More penguins:

The penguins were entertaining here.  Notice the fabulous pebble nest in the photo above.  Looks really comfortable, right? Well those pebbles are a hot commodity.  And they often steal the pebbles from their neighbor’s nests.

Turns out that penguins can be quite the little thieves.  Although if they all started guarding their nests instead of trying to steal from their neighbor, the whole place might get a little more calm…

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