Pirates can be vain just like the rest of us

It turns out that the thrill and danger of the Drake passage is overrated.  The seas were calm with barely 10 foot swells.  Now, we were going almost as fast as possible trying to outrun a storm, but for us, it was a complete letdown.

So we are going to tell everyone that the passage was horrible.  With 50 foot waves and 50 mph winds.  Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Our captain on this trip was amazing.

He was always willing to make adjustments to the schedule to accommodate the best possible stop or wildlife viewing.  The orca stop is a great example.

And this was the same captain who was captured by pirates in 2008.  He was sailing a yacht around the horn of Africa with 30 crew members – no passengers however.


The pirates held them for a week and during that time, they rifled through all of the crew’s personal belongings.  They found a digital camera and had a great time dressing up and posing for photo’s.  At the end, they gave the camera back because it wasn’t part of the ransom.   So the captain had these gorgeous photo’s of his captors.

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