Back to land. Full of people.

The ship docked late last night and this morning they are forcing us off the boat.  (Patri, a member of the expedition team, has promised not to tell if I decide to hide in the lifeboat).

But I got off.  Well, I decided that Keith might miss me if I stayed.  And I don’t want to forfeit all of the shoes I left under my desk at work.  So in the end, real life won out.

But I sure am going to miss Harso, our room steward on the boat.  His sign read “Harso, your stwd.”  Which Keith mistakenly read as “stud.” Awkward…

Before we left Ushuaia, we visited the national park and the very end of the Pan-American Highway.

And took a couple of pictures.  Pretty tame compared so some of the earlier ones if you ask me.

Including the last picture with Lisa and Scott.  Who were planning on staying in South America for an undetermined period of time.  So we left them at the park.

You can follow their travels at

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