What I packed

Here is my consolidated list of what I packed for Antarctica:

The items that got the most use were:

  1. Patagonia Ski Pants – 100% waterproof with waterproof seams.  I recommend making sure that they are short enough to not drag on the ground (thus avoiding penguin poo).
  2. Casual, comfy clothing.  The attire of the guests got more and more casual as the trip went on.  During the day, I pretty much lived in yoga pants.
  3. Computer for uploading pictures and sorting through different shots.  More easily accomplished if you upload during your trip instead of trying to sort through 900 pictures of killer whales when you get home.
  4. Fleece jacket.  Again, something I felt I wore every day.  I wish I had taken two.
  5. Not mentioned above but my MIL brought laundry detergent which was a life saver for washing gym clothes and going ashore clothes that smelled like penguin poo.  The laundry service is very expensive.
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