What I Wish I Had Packed

The are several things that I wish I had packed for our trip.  Most glaring was the omission of a waterproof covering for our Nikon D700 camera.  Keith ended up using a makeshift canopy from a shower cap and a towel. 

It will rain and snow and sleet during your trip.  Chances are high that it will do all of those things at once.  Bring some protection for your camera.

Other things in no particular order:

  1. Another fleece jacket.  I lived in this because I was always just slightly chilly
  2. Some sort of warm casual boot.  I left my uggs at home because of space issues but I really wish I had brought them.
  3. Also, feel free to pack more than the “required” bag allotment.  I think Keith and I may have been the only two people on board that actually packed in two duffel bags that were under 40 lbs.  One family brought 9 bags plus large carry-ons.  They even packed decorations for a Christmas tree that Abercrombie provided.
  4. Ear muffs.  My winter head band wasn’t enough protection against the wind and looked funny in pictures.
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