I can never be satisfied

About this room.  The Den.  Specifically. 

I swear, every 6 months or so, I completely rearrange this room.  Same random assortment of furniture.  Just different places. 

This time, Keith swears that all of the furniture is in the exact same place it was when we first moved in.  That means I have officially hit bottom.  I’ve tried every arrangement and moved everything back to the original plan. 

But I think this time is going to be different.  For starters.  We bought a couch.  An adult couch.  Not a futon.  Or a blow up bed.  It was on sale at La-Z-Boy for some ridiculous price that even Keith couldn’t resist.

 And because we always end up buying more than planned, we also bought a coffee table. 

But it’s ok, because this table is seriously cool.  The top lifts up to lap height for both working on a laptop and enjoying dinner.  This may become the most popular room in the house!

The worse part is waiting 4-6 weeks for delivery.  I know I should be a pro at waiting for furniture.  After all, we waited over a year for the table next to the couch. 

But anyway, the last room in the house to be decorated is slowly making progress.  And I’m doing it on the cheap!  (I’m horrible at being cheap so I feel like I just need to reiterate the fact that these two pieces of furniture were CHEAP!)

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