You better watch out, you better not cry, the G8 summit is coming to town

The G8 and Nato summits are coming to Chicago and rumors are starting to fly.  The University of Chicago has called it a potential disaster and Guam or Antarctica would be a better place to hold the meetings.  (Read it here)

As someone who has recently been to Antarctica, I don’t think it would be the ideal place for such a meeting.  But there are pros and cons.  For starters, the politicians wouldn’t have a problem with the smell of penguin poo.  I feel like politicians are adept at the art of bullsh****** and the smell of actual s*** is a normal occurance.  However, I would worry that all the politicians blowing hot air would melt the glaciers thus raising the sea level and threatening places dumb enough to build under sea level.

But seriously Chicago, don’t you ever learn.  This is what Chicago looked like when the president visited:

And when the vice-president visited:

And when the Chinese president visited:

Getting the idea?

Kevin DuJon of states,

“People on the ground here in Chicago 100% believe that the G8 Summit here is going to precipitate riots, fires, massive property destruction, and all out anarchy in the third largest city in the country during the month of May.

Occupy Wall Street’s thug brigades will be out in force, joined by ACORN and the SEIU and the Black Panthers and the rest of the Obama re-election coalition.”

This could be fun.  I think that Keith and I may decamp for a friend’s house in the suburbs and (horrors!) commute into the city just to avoid the craziness that might accompany the summit.

Apparently we aren’t the only ones.  Rumors are flying that the Chicago Federal Reserve has had the same idea if this blog post from Second City Cop is to be believed.

Whoa, Is This True?

 This would be incredible if actually true:
  • The lying, liberal, weasel Rahm keeps telling the press that the G8 will not be a problem. Really?If it’s not going to be a problem I wonder why the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank is actually planning on closing down for the entire week and moving their business operation to another midwestern city? Oops, that’s still a secret and our great Chicago press hasn’t stumbled on it yet.

    Shhhhhhhhs, don’t tell them!

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