Rogue Norwegian gets away from NZ authorities for trip to Antarctica

This story made me laugh:

A rogue Norwegian adventurer is believed to have made it into international waters in an unauthorised bid to sail to Antarctica [in the above sailboat, the Nilaya].

The alarm was raised earlier this week when authorities were told Jarle Andhoey may be making a second attempt to cross Antarctica on a quad bike … despite not having permission to visit Antarctica.



In February last year Andhoey and a companion were crossing the ice in Antarctica on quad bikes … [when] the yacht’s emergency beacon was activated soon after Andhoey  [was] dropped off. It lasted for several hours before transmissions ceased and it was believed the yacht, and three remaining crew, had sunk in one of the worst Antarctic storms in 20 years.

There are so many things wrong with this story. 

For instance, I’ve been on the seas around Antarctica.  There is no way I want to go in a small sailing ship that, if nothing else, lacks stabilizers.  Call me crazy, but that sounds like a death wish.  Which it turns out was issues, because their previous ship SANK with 3 crew members on board!   

And the authorities are looking for him because he does not have permission to visit antarctica anyway.  And permission must not be that hard to get because, supposedly, this was a record year for antarctic expeditions. 


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