Repair man accidentally joins South Pole expedition

Remember the article I shared last week about the rogue adventurer who set sail for Antarctica on a little sailboat without permission?  (Read here)  Well, the story just got even better. 

Apparently they set sail with a repair man still on board the vessel!

According to the article in “The Telegraph,”

“The marine mechanic was reportedly working on an anchor aboard the 52ft Nilaya in Auckland harbour, when the yacht hurriedly cast off as immigration officials tried to serve deportation papers on the skipper, Jarle Andhoy, 34.”

Seriously, this is happening!  The adventurer doesn’t look crazy…

Well, overly crazy that is. 

But at least it’s smooth sailing for now. 

“Mr Andhoy told the Norwegian public broadcasting service NRK that the presence on board of the unnamed New Zealander was not part of his plan, but was the result of “a hectic departure” from Auckland last week.

He said it was “a somewhat tricky situation” because the man did not have a passport or papers with him.

But Mr Andhoy insisted: “Everything is on schedule and the atmosphere is good on board.

“We are well prepared for what may befall us.”

The broadcaster reported him as saying that the Nilaya was not carrying a locator beacon so it would not put rescue services at risk.”

Of course, there is always this problem

Marine experts said the workman was unlikely to have adequate clothing and would put an extra strain on the yacht’s provisions.

That would be a problem if the crew decides to repeat last year’s performance and sink the small sailing ship.  It’s probably not hard to do.  A small iceberg, a growler even, should do the trick very nicely.  And I can attest that there is a lot of ice around Antarctica!

But at least the ship isn’t carrying an emergency beacon.  If they do decide to sink the ship, at least it won’t put rescuers at an inconvenience by having to come, you know, rescue them again.

Read the full story at:

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