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At what point do I start to worry?

Last fall I passed one of the “Occupy” protests on my walk home.  They were sitting in the middle of the LaSalle Avenue Bridge wearing blue jackets and surrounded by police.  Eventually, the police decided it was time to go and … Continue reading

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The quick trip to Palm Springs

We spent this past holiday weekend in Palm Springs with warm weather and sunny skies! By the time we worked all day, drove to the airport, flew to LA, waited for the plane to actually get to a gate, wait … Continue reading

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The adventures of the viking sailor aka “the sex-god”

I know you are just dying to know about the latest adventures of Jarle Andhoy and his trip to Antarctica. (Read about his escape from the New Zealand immigration officials and the accidental stowaway) There is so much new information!  For … Continue reading

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But Babies

I have a friend who would end every argument with, “But Babies!”  I mean, how do you continue a disagreement after that? Just imagine:  “I’m not sure that we are ready to commit to starting a family right now.”  “But, Baaaabies” … Continue reading

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2012 and beyonddddddddd

Some people aren’t happy unless they are planning their next trip…like my father-in-law.  We just returned from Antarctica and I am already getting potential itineraries for a four-week trip to India next year.  It sounds totally awesome.  Tigers, buildings, opulent resorts, … Continue reading

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I used a power tool without supervision.

I used a power tool this weekend all by myself.  My dad was one of those ridiculous people who knew everything and could fix anything and build whatever he wanted.  And I spent a lot of time “helping.”  Well, not … Continue reading

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When someone squashes your life plan

Where the teal square represents the number of people with life plans and the dark blue square represents the number of people with no life plan. I have a life plan.  Work hard now, move to larger house, go back to … Continue reading

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