Kidnapped repair man is fine – for now

Good news everyone.  The unnamed repair man who was forced on a mission to Antarctica has contacted the authorities to report that he is safe.

MSN is reporting that:

“A New Zealander on a yacht bound for Antarctica has made recent contact to say he is OK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) says.

“[The authorities] will continue to maintain contact with his family, and remain very interested in any information which clarifies the situation…Government agencies are considering legal options if Mr Andhoy returns to New Zealand, MFAT says.

I wonder what Jarle is going to do next.  Let’s say he makes it to Antarctica.  And finds his sunk yacht from the last misadventure.  Then what?  Is he going to just sail back to New Zealand where the authorities are waiting for him?  And he faces all of the old immigration problems but the potential for new kidnapping charges?

But he pretty much has to go back to New Zealand.  It’s the closest land unless you want to sail around Antarctica to get to South Africa or South America.  And you do eventually have to get the repair man home to his family…




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