When someone squashes your life plan

Where the teal square represents the number of people with life plans and the dark blue square represents the number of people with no life plan.

I have a life plan.  Work hard now, move to larger house, go back to school, have baby, teach and retire early.  It’s pretty basic but it covers the next 5-10 years.

My mom is upset at me because my last five-year plan included having a baby and we are now reaching the end of the five years, and no baby.  Apparently she really wants to try out being a grandmother.  And my lady doctor told me, “I’m not getting any younger” and “women of your age…”  but it’s ok, because I can’t have a baby until my husband decides what he wants to be when he grows up.

But I am an avid critic of the plans of others.

I have a friend whose life plan is to eventually have a life plan.  She hates her job but not quite enough to work on finding a new one.  She hates her apartment but she doesn’t want to move.  And her boyfriend treats her like dirt but at least she has a boyfriend…

On the other extreme, my friend who’s 5 year plan is so detailed that it might as well be marked week by week in her calendar.  She wants to have this promotion by the end of the month, a new apartment within two weeks after the promotion, go on this vacation after she is finished moving.  Seriously, her life plan might take up 50 single spaced pages.

Then we have my baby sister wants to get a master’s in either speech pathology or occupational therapy.  And she would be good in either field.  There is just one problem.  This is her life plan.

Work hard and save now, take summer off and go live in CA for three months, when savings are exhausted return home and start a bridge program in either degree field (which would give her another undergraduate degree) then get a masters.

And then the dream killer that I am swooped in.  Why would you go to CA this summer when you still have a job?  Why don’t you go next summer during break and get an internship of some sort out there.  Or why not go for two weeks.  And what are you going to live on when you go back to school if you don’t have any saving.

All good questions.

Then I learned that she already has the required courses for speech path and a couple of connections who can write her recommendation letters but her grades weren’t that great.  Then, after she graduated, she spent a year in Indy taking the classes required for ot.  She got good grades but didn’t make any connections.  So now she is realizing that she can’t get in to a master’s program in either field.  Thus the bridge program idea.

And when I voiced my opinions, I was called a dream squasher and a life plan stomper.  I can’t help it.  It’s just who I am.  I’m a judger of life plans.

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