But Babies

I have a friend who would end every argument with, “But Babies!”  I mean, how do you continue a disagreement after that?

Just imagine:  “I’m not sure that we are ready to commit to starting a family right now.”  “But, Baaaabies”

Actually, it didn’t matter if we were actually talking about babies …

“I don’t think that I want Indian food for dinner.”  “But, Babies.”

Oh: Disclaimer.  This is not actually my baby.  My baby is brown and has four legs. 

I’m pretty sure that the ones with two legs scare the living bejesus out of me.  I don’t think I have every changed a diaper on my own.  I’ve watched other people change diapers and it doesn’t look complicated but so many things could go wrong!  Blowouts, accidents …  And the whole, you have to support their head at all times, is a lot of stressful responsibility.  Not to mention the feeding, sleeping, being pregnant, etc…issues.

I mentioned babies is my travel post a couple of days ago.  So yes, babies are eventually in the plan.  But I’m waiting for my sisters to be ready to have babies at the same time.  Or I’m waiting for my husband to decide what he wants to do when he grows up.  Or I want to go to India, Vietnam, and Thailand before I’m ready to add a baby to our family.  It really depends on who asks me and when. 

My grandma has been getting anxious.  Monday’s e-mail was a lovely article describing a receiving blanks.  Tuesday, I received a you-tube instructional video on how to swaddle a baby.  (What is a swaddle and why would I want to do it to a baby anyway?  Obviously, I didn’t watch the video).  Wednesday, the e-mail was step by step instructions on how to bathe the baby.  On Thursday, I got an e-mail from Grandma apologizing for sending me e-mails that could be construed as “pushy” and blamed it on the fact that she might have been hungry.  Apparently, she was hungry for days. 

What scares me the most is the sheer number of instructional e-mails I am going to receive once I am actually ready to have a baby.  Someone should put a warning out there that my Grandmother has “the internet” and knows how to use it!

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