The adventures of the viking sailor aka “the sex-god”

I know you are just dying to know about the latest adventures of Jarle Andhoy and his trip to Antarctica. (Read about his escape from the New Zealand immigration officials and the accidental stowaway)

There is so much new information! 

For starters, I guess I should state that Jarle Andhoy is approaching one of the areas where his first crew were last seen. 

And the accidental stowaway turned out to be a political activist named Busby Noble.  He may or may not be a friend of one of the men who died on Jarle’s last antarctic expedition.  And he is in big trouble.  He is going to face questioning by New Zealand authorities when he returns but that is probably nothing more than a minor inconvenience.  What I would be worried most about is the girlfriend, T.P. Theiho, he left behind!

The New Zealand Hearld quotes T.P. Teiho saying,

Noble told Teiho in a satellite phone call he was learning how to sail and had seen a few seals, but she has not heard from him since. “I just hope he is okay,” she said, adding that on his return “I’ll give him a hiding for starters, then ban him from any boat and tell him to stay on the ground.”

And things have gotten interesting because millionaire Gareth Morgan, who is just setting out on his own (approved) antarctica mission is quoted as saying that he hopes Jarle Androy’s boat sinks. 

To which, our darling T.P. replied,

“I hope he [Gareth Morgan] sinks, she said. “What a thing to say.”

So, now we know that they are approaching Antarctic, Busby Noble is ok – as long as he doesn’t return home to his very angry girlfriend, and Jarle Andhoy has managed to upset other antarctica explorers. 

In case you forgot, here is the picture of Jarle Andhoy

Remember this picture.  Mostly remember the crazy eyes. 

And then picture him as a sex-god. 

Yep, that’s right.  Jarle Andhoy is being called a sex-god back home in Norway. 

Apparently women are tired of metro sexual men who build muscles in gyms instead of the old fashion way – outside doing manly activities like building things, fixing things, and, well, you know, sailing a boat through dangerous waters. 

On Facebook and twitter, women are saying that, “If I do not get married Jarle Andhoey, there shall be no other,” and “Jarle Andhoy remains damn sexy….”

I fear I may never understand the inhabitants of Norway.  Of course, I have many other reasons seeing as I married one. 

Oh – and I included a picture of a penguin in Antarctica because I don’t want you guys to suffer from withdrawal. 

Read the full stories at and

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