The quick trip to Palm Springs

We spent this past holiday weekend in Palm Springs with warm weather and sunny skies!

By the time we worked all day, drove to the airport, flew to LA, waited for the plane to actually get to a gate, wait in line for a rental car (where people argued the finer points of domestic cars and finally took the original car because the better alternative was a further walk), drove to Palm Springs through some hills, and saw a rollover accident, we deserved a reward.  So we got one.  In-N-OutBurgers!

I hope everyone has had an opportunity to experience the amazingness that is In-N-Out.  A couple of other hamburger chains are starting to catch up (say hello Five Guys) but they still can’t rival the wonderful chain that only the west coast enjoys.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that Californians take it for granted.  But us midwesterners, we take special trips to CA and go out of our way for a double double animal style.

There were six of us and I have to admit, we were pretty lazy the entire trip (of course, with a travel schedule like the one I stated above, who can blame us?).  But we did manage to get our mini golf game on.

The guys had a very serious game.  Loser was beer B**** the rest of the weekend.  A fate worse than death!

Of course, the rather amusing thing is that I think I would have won if the girls were also keeping score.  I got the most hole-in-ones!  It was amazing.  I must be an awesome golfer …

After two rousing rounds, we realized that we had over-exerted ourselves and we headed home.  By way of Coldstones.

Later that evening, we discovered that one member of our group loves to cook.  And when I say cook, I really mean it.  She cooks with butter and oil and cheese and bacon and all of those ingredients that people say are bad for you.  It is awesome.  I wanted to bring her home with me.  I can’t tell you how easy it is to wake up to the smell of bacon in the morning.  I want to figure out how to make that happen all of the time.

She made twice-baked potatoes and macaroni and cheese while her significant other grilled steaks.  That she had seasoned.  It was awesome.  (BTW, how many times I can I fit the word awesome into this post?  Challenge.  Accepted.)

A reunion with this bunch wouldn’t be complete without a game of asshole.  And I am pleased to announce that not only did I manage to not be the asshole for every round, but I even made it to president once or twice.  Also, I didn’t get fed up and quit.  Because sometimes that happens.  What can I say.  No one likes to be the asshole.

The guys continued playing some sort of card game until 2AM  but didn’t all go to sleep until close to 2:45.  This is 2:45 Pacific Coast time.  In the midwest, this is almost an all-nighter!

The next morning, after enjoying fresh bacon again (still awesome!), we couldn’t decide what to do.  So we did nothing.  We napped, played cards, read, Keith did homework, and generally lounged around all day.

I went for a short run around the community and I saw an older woman walking on a treadmill.  In her open garage.  Instead of, you know, walking outside with changing scenery and awesome weather.  At what point do you get so accustomed to the vacation setting that you don’t even need to leave your garage?

Eventually we realized that we should get out of the house.  So we headed for a mexican restaurant followed by the casino.

The guys headed off to play poker (which I still don’t understand.  What is the point of going on vacation with friends if you are going to go play poker where you don’t actually interact with said friends.  Is it enough to just be in the same room?  Such questions).

The ladies wandered around the casino floor playing various slots.  I lost $20 but it took me almost 45 minutes to do it so that is a new record for me.  One of the girls made money on the penny slot so we decided to call it quits and we wandered into the bar to enjoy the karaoke competition.

I have to admit, I haven’t spent much time watching karaoke but if it is all as awesome of this night was, count me in!  We had horrible renditions of Whitney Houston ballads, country music with dancing and just general bad music.  It was legendary.

We enjoyed watching the skanks … I mean, other women dressed in slightly revealing outfits and potentially not wearing underwear … get up to dance to show their support for either their friends or some guy they had an eye on.  One such guy was in a suit and it reminded me of Barney on How I Met Your Mother.  Probably the reason why I have been saying things like challenge accepted and legendary.

Three performances stand out.  The first was an older woman whose voice really was amazing.  The second was the guy who got up and announced that it was his first anniversary and this is the most romantic song I know.  Then proceeds to sing “The More I Drink” where the lyrics are “The more I drink even buck tooth and bow legged women look hot.”

And finally, the guy who had been sitting at the other end of our table.  When we first sat down, we thought he was a little creepy because he was by himself, nursing a drink, and watching the ho…oops, show.  Eventually, his wife wandered in.  She had been out at the slots.  Ah.  And then he got up to sing and the host announced he had been waiting for two hours!  Why would you wait two hours?  But he was pretty good even if I am pretty sure that he was performing for us and not actually his wife.

The next morning, we got up, drove back to LA, had lunch with my in-laws at Islands (my other favorite burger place in CA), flew home, took a cab back to the condo, and went to bed.  Well, I went to bed.  Keith had to finish the rest of his homework.

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