What came first?

Anybody see anything wrong with this picture? 

Personally, I prefer to have a garage door as a decorative piece highlighted by beautiful landscaping … as opposed to a working garage where you might actually be able to drive a car.  Garages for parking cars are so last year.  

But I can’t figure it out.  What part came first?  Did they take a picture of the house, and think, wait, it needs landscaping?  Here, let’s just morph this landscaping onto the house.  Chances are no one will notice…  But then they spent time lining up the walkway with the front door.  And what’s up with the sign?  Who puts a permanent sign in front of their personal residence?

This picture comes to us courtesy of Yahoo Real Estate article “Nice Homes You Can Buy for $150K.” 

Which reminds me, earlier this week I noticed a story about iPad apps for cats. 

(I have no idea what exactly about garages reminded me of cats but I’m sure there was a logical reason…)

I don’t have a cat so I don’t feel like I can cast the first stone.  But seriously?  An App for your cat?  What happened to windup toys and laser pointers to drive a feline crazy?  Even the animals are beginning to evolve and desire expensive gifts. 

I wonder what kind of present Kizzy is going to want for Christmas.  Probably her own cell phone so she can call home from daycare.  And a dog.  She would like a dog.  My 2012 budget is so screwed!

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