Just a normal walk to work

I usually walk to work in the morning.  (I say usually because cabs are incredibly convenient in my neighborhood and sometimes I just can’t stand to disappoint the cab driver that seems to be waiting right out front just for me.) 

But this morning was unique.  The first thing I saw was a lady standing with a trash can over her head like Tarzan.  By the time I got my camera out, all that remained was a pile of trash. 

Was she upset because the pickings were slim?  Is she moving on to her next target?  Did she just see the trash can as a target of her anger that she could lift and demonstrate her abnormal strength? 

But I didn’t have any answers, so I put my camera back in my pocket and continued on my walk.

(And why did I still feel the need to post a picture of the remaining trash?  Maybe you guys need a visual.)

As I approached Daley Plaza, I noticed that the fountain was a gorgeous green color.  I hope it wasn’t natural and instead man-made to celebrate Chicago’s (lack of real) Irishness.

When I got closer, I noticed a man standing on the edge of the fountain.  The first thing that came to me was that he was standing on the side where the wind was blowing the green water directly into him.  Then I noticed that he was urinating into the green-ness.  And the wind was probably blowing it back on him.  GROSS people!  Once again, I was slow with the camera.  Which is probably a good thing.

Across the street from the office, I saw this armored car.  With windows!!!  Seriously, this armored car has windows. 

When I walked by, one of the guards was counting a large stack of bills right in front of the window!  It may have been the most cash I have ever seen from a distance. 

Then I turned around and noticed the donut truck. 

I swear this truck follows me.  No matter what route I take to work, I almost always see it parked somewhere. 

I think it’s the beaver on the side.  It’s creepy to think that beaver is following me. 

I can only imagine what I am going to see on my walk home!

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