The love of my life bought me at a date auction

Exactly 9 years ago (-1 Day because I’m late, like usual) I ran into an acquaintance in the lobby of my dorm.  Let’s call him Ron.  He was there for a intra-dorm pool party and we chatted for a few minutes and then moved onto to our separate groups of friends and the various scheduled programing. 

One of the events was a “date auction” where 5 girls and 5 guys lined up and the participates shouted their bids.  First the guys (average price around $5) then the girls (average price $8 thus proving girls are worth more than guys) and finally it was my turn. 

The bidding boiled down to two guys.  A blonde stranger and Ron.  $10, $12, $14, the bidding ticked higher.  $15, $15.50, $15.75 and all of the sudden, we had a winner!  The blond guy won and I was the most expensive date of the night (Hey, we were in college people!  That’s 4 meals at Taco Bell).

A secret that I only recently confessed: I wanted Ron to win.  I was slightly acquainted with him although not actually attracted to him.  I knew at least that he probably wasn’t a serial killer.  But that’s ok.  I moved on.  Besides, the blonde dude was seriously cute!  I was willing to take the risk that he might kidnap me and take me to a secluded cabin in the woods where he would … wait, hang on, I just confused reality with random dreams about romance novels.  Back to my story.

I exchanged AOL screen names with the handsome, blonde stranger (because that’s how really cool college communicate) and we went on our first date a few nights later. 

After 4 years, he proposed and I’m pretty sure I said yes eventually.  It took me awhile because I busy showing all of the surrounding strangers my gorgeous ring.  What can I say, he has good taste!

The rest is history.   Happy Anniversary Darling!

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