I Won the Lottery Award for Best Sign Ever

Well, at least I would have won if there was an actual Category called “Best Sign Ever” that pays out $640M…. 

So, I guess there is good news and bad news.  The bad news is that I did not win the actual Mega Millions Lottery Friday night.  Which is sad because I was going to give each of you, my loyal readers, $1M each.  Now, aren’t you also sad?

The good news is that we spotted this sign at our local convenience store. 

That made losing $5 worthwhile.  And it’s OK because I’ve won other lotteries.  I mean in life, not actual monetary lotteries. 

Take my relationship with the Hubs. 

He took me to Publican for our anniversary (fantastic, by the way).  When I told my mom we were celebrating our anniversary, she responded with, “Why?  It’s not even close to your wedding date.”  So I told her that it was the 9 year anniversary of the day we met and she responded with, “Why are you celebrating a date that you came home from and told me was boring?” 

Apparently I told my mom that my first date with my husband was boring.  That’s a great start.  I mentioned it to him and he reminded me that we came home from the date and he asked me to come in to a dorm party and I said no thanks and left.  Now he knows it’s because I don’t do dorm parties.  But back then, he thought this might be the shortest relationship ever. 

So I won the lottery of husbands and we managed to overcome our first date difficulties.  Now if only this lottery was worth millions….

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