It’s a bug, shaped like a rabbit, that’s actually a pig!

So, some of my favorite bloggers have Wordless Wednesdays.  They post pictures of their charming children, darling pets, favorite activities, etc.  Well, I don’t have any children, and my pet is more “special” than “pretty,” and my favorite activities are pretty boring, so that doesn’t leave me a lot of options for photos.  

However,  I do live in a city filled with crazy people.  And I can prove it.  There is the guy who has an alley named after himself (read about it here), the bad decisions that happen on St. Patrick’s Day (read about it here) and the crazy things that happen on my walk to work (read about them here)

And the craziness just keeps coming. 

Yep, it’s a bug decorated like a rabbit that is actually supposed to be a pig. 

And I don’t know if you can see it, but the license plate says “Jims Pig.”  Which means that the woman who drives this car (and I’m only guessing here) is a Pig.  Who belongs to a guy named Jim.

There are, of course, other options.  It could be that a guy named Jim actually owns this car (and drives it in public).  I wonder if he uses it to pick up women.  And has it ever been successful?  Or perhaps Jim’s Pig is the name of a restaurant and this is advertising.  Or maybe it’s a pig farm? 

Either way, the entertainment value is great.


I really expected this car to belong to a woman … not a seventy-something business man.  (See below comment.)  But I wonder what pigs from head to toe means… 

Anyway, yay for him for the hours he has probably spent on this car.  And the entertainment it provided in Gold Coast over the holiday weekend.

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One Response to It’s a bug, shaped like a rabbit, that’s actually a pig!

  1. Emily says:

    Actually, he’s a retired businessman in his seventies. He just really loves pigs. And if you think his car is incredible, you should see him. Pigs head to toe. He’s really quite sweet and despite it sounding a little strange, my interaction with him made my day.

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