Wacky Wednesday – Surf Edition

I walked past a gaggle of girls this morning taking pictures of this truck.  They were entertained because the truck belonged to an actual celebrity who has a condo in our neighborhood.  (I didn’t bother to ask for the difference between a celebrity and an actual celebrity.)

I was entertained for an entirely different reason.  Specifically, the four surf boards sticking out of the back of the truck.  One would assume that the owner of the truck was planning to use the surf boards for their intended purpose.  And the only large body of water in the immediate vicinity is Lake Michigan.  So that would lead us to the conclusion that the owner of these surf boards is planning to surf on Lake Michigan?

The current weather in the windy city is 57 degrees under partly sunny skies and a brisk wind.  The water temperature of Lake Michigan is 43.3 degrees.  The wave height is 0.8 feet.  So please tell me which of those facts screams, “Let’s go surfing!”

Swell Blog

Sure, the weather is better then when pro surfer James Pribram tried to surf lake Michigan.  How crazy do you have to be before you cover every inch of exposed skin and then jump in the freezing lake?

And I’ve never tried surfing but I would imagine that one of the principle requirements is excellent balance which would be hard to maintain when you are being hit by wet, sleety, cold snow.

So why would you come to Chicago to surf when the weather and the water temperature and the waves are infinitely better on one of the coasts?

Maybe he is one of the mad members of the Chicago Surf Club.  I looked it up.  They exist.  They have apparently existed for a long time.  And they have given names to the biggest wave spots on the lake: Cloudbreak, Taehupo’o, Shark Park…  (Seriously, Shark Park?  The only sharks near Lake Michigan are the ones from the Shedd Aquarium!).

Or maybe he just drives the truck around with the surf boards in the back to confuse the neighbors.

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