Wacky Wednesday – Beauty Edition

I am always fascinated by the items for sale in the SkyMall catalog.  In fact, some of my best Christmas gift ideas have come from that very magazine.  I bought my Dad a converter for all of his old slides (that he never used).  I got my mom a rice cooker (that really only works on one type of rice and only if you don’t use water).  I’m in love with the dog gates that go across the whole room (but I never bought them because who would spend $500 on a dog gate?).  And I really want to try the fryer that only uses 2 tablespoons of oil (but it would probably be a waste because if you are going to have fried chicken, then you should have real fried chicken!). 

You can buy garden gnomes and stylish luggage wraps and even mole and wart remover.  But I think that even SkyMall has reached a new low.  In the bottom corner at the back of the magazine was this new waste of money invention.

Yes, ladies, eyelashes for your car.  Now your car can be beautiful too!  I mean, what lady wouldn’t want gorgeous, thick eyelashes.  And some versions come with eyeliner!

So this naturally made me wonder what other beauty items were available for my car.  Of course, you need lips to go with those big eyelashes. 

And some serious bling. 

But that may detract from the eyelashes and lips so maybe this bling is overdoing it just a little.  Perhaps a classier version would be this little lizard that you can attach anywhere you want. 

Or of that lizard isn’t big enough, what about a full-blown fire-breathing dragon?

Too much?

Well, then perhaps I should just stick with the Irish theme.   

Simple.  Classy.  And hilarious.  Wouldn’t you laugh if you saw that coming down the street?  The only place where you won’t get laughed at may be on the Notre Dame campus during football season.  Wait a second, brilliant idea here!  Birthday present for Keith!  (And I can say that because he never reads this.  And he should.  Because I talk about him a lot.  Crap, now he might start reading.  Darling, if you are reading this, I only ever say good things about you.  I promise.)

Anyway, if you join us for a tailgate next year, just look for the boring black car with eyelashes and shamrocks on top.

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2 Responses to Wacky Wednesday – Beauty Edition

  1. I say lots of things about Ryan assuming he doesn’t read the blog, because he swears he doesn’t. I wonder if it’s just a ploy of his to see what I really think…

    Anywho, just a heads up, I’ll be posting by Friday and I’ll be giving a shout-out to all my sponsors, you really are the best.

  2. Well that was obviously an empty promise. I wasn’t lying when I said I was doing a Sponsor Love Post. I’ve just decided to post it during my Blogiversary week, which is coming up this month.

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