The High School Graduation Party

This is my Cousin Andrew.  (Well, one of them is my cousin anyway.  The other is just a life-size photo.  Just in case you get confused and thought he was a twin).

He just graduated from High School (which makes me feel old.  It doesn’t help that my 10 year high school reunion is this summer.  Boo!).  And we had a party to celebrate this magnificent achievement in his hometown which is about 2.5 hours from my condo.

We carpooled down there with my aunt (who drove), my sister, Keith and me (er, I?).  I love to travel with my aunt because she always packs snacks.  And not just standard road food.  Oh no, she travels with cheese and crackers, vegetables and dip, pretzels, coolers of water, paper towels and trash bags.

We got an earlier then expected start and looked forward to having time to hang out with my Uncle and Cousin.  Who were not home when we got there.  About an hour or so later, they finally decided to honor us with their presence.

And the next morning was the party!

It was a traditional gathering with family and friends.

We had Grandma and Grandpa

My grandma and grandpa are so perfect together! They are the best grandparents ever!

And the cousins (plus Grandpa again.  What can I say, he is very photogenic).

Please notice Amy’s dramatic pose. This will become a theme. But it’s better than the previous theme which had us all imitating Kizzy and her underbite.

And of course, the reason for the party.  But he left before the rest of us.  Some lame excuse about having another party to go to…  And he took his friends.

My real life cousin is standing next to me when I took this picture.

I am entertained by his friends because the four of them took four separate cars to where-ever they were going.  Yep, four people, four cars.  Like a caravan.  Or a convoy.  Either one.

Anyway, once he left, we continued to take pictures.  But we changed the captions to things like, “I have the best cousins” and “Lori is the best.”  My favorite was the one that said “I agree to give them my car.”

Notice the arm?

This one is better.


Then the afternoon was over and we all headed home.  We missed the actual graduation ceremony but that’s because we are horrible cousins and we got to enjoy the fun part of graduation (the party) but didn’t have to stay for the more uninteresting part (the ceremony).  Even though it would have been fun to see him in the silly black hat and gown.  Maybe we can get him to dress back up in them next time we see him.


I got in trouble because I didn’t upload more pictures of the family.  So here they are in no particular order.

Amy and Steve

Here’s that underbite thing I was talking about…

Lori, Amy, and Melissa

Mom and Lori

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