That Time I Met the Bloggess

This past weekend was a busy one in sunny, hot Chicago.  (Yep, it’s desert temperatures here … 93 degrees with low humidity.  It’s a good time to be confused and wonder what happened to the 100% humidity levels that we all love and expect …) 

Usually, my husband avoids the heat and sun like the plague.  But I won out, and dragged him down to the Chicago Lit Fest in Printer’s Row.  And I do mean dragged.  I dragged him along at a quick pace – walking a foot in front of him with the hopes that he would keep up.  I was still a good wife, I picked a route that kept us mostly in the shade.  OK, fine, occasionally in the shade.  And it was probably his idea.  But once again, hubby doesn’t read this blog so I can tell the story any way I want!

Apparently I forgot to mention to Keith why I wanted to go to the festival.  Although if you know me at all, you would agree that this is the perfect event for a book lover like me.  It was quite conceivable that I would return with an entire suitcase of new books.  (And trust me, suitcases are the best way to carry lots of books.  Just ask the local library where I grew up.  It’s what happens when you can read a book in 3 hours and need 20 books to be entertained for a week.)

Anyway, he thought I wanted to go buy a book.  But what I really wanted was to meet Jenny Lawson, author of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and the blog, “The Bloggess.” 

I got in line while Keith went to hunt down lunch.  And while he was waiting in a lunch line, I was entertained by the mother and daughter in front of me who brought their copy of the book to be signed.  As well as a sign to be signed.  They were very prepared.  And the couple behind me who were from my hometown.  And they totally judged me when I mentioned that I stayed in the same town for college.  (“Townie!” They said in their head.)  But the best part was the entire band of misfits waiting to meet the author.  Which meant that I fit right in. 

Then it was over.  We were hot and we headed home.  Keith jumped on the subway and I walked.  He stayed cooler but I got a little bit of color on my shoulders so I consider the walk well worth while.  (Well that, and since I walked, I justified not going to the gym later that afternoon.)

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One Response to That Time I Met the Bloggess

  1. I was there this weekend too! I was late for the reading, so I was at the very back of the tent and managed to be like third in line for the signing. It was very good lack-of-planning on my part

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