The Perfect Weather for a Lake House

It’s 95 degrees outside.  And it has hit at least 90 degrees everyday for what seems like weeks.  Making it the perfect weather for spending time at a lake house.

There is only one problem.  I don’t have a lake house.

I really want one.  And I want one bad.  Part of my problem is that I grew up on a lake.  We spent our summers water skiing, tubing, sailing, and swimming.  The hotter the temperature, the better.  (Well, except for the lack of air conditioning in the one room cottage that we called home.)  Keith didn’t have this luxury.  He grew up in a more normal environment so he doesn’t know what he is missing.

But I think he’s starting to come around to my point of view.  And these are the indisputable facts on why it is a good idea.

1.  Lakes.  Seriously, I don’t know why this one word isn’t enough of a convincing argument.

2.  Toys.  Another excellent, one word argument.  Lakes require certain toys.  You have to have a boat.  A kayak.  And sailboat is nice for the romantic, sunset sail.  But you can also get a couple of jet skis.  And snowmobiles for the winter.  Don’t forget the four wheelers for the days that you want to spend off the water.  And the big truck for hauling.  It’s good to be a grownup and get to play with grownup toys.

3.  Grass.  We live in a concrete city where grass comes in 3 foot patches.  There isn’t any grass for an impromptu game of cornhole (wait, only people from my hometown know what that is.  Everyone else calls is a much more generic name.  But I’m not going to spoil the fun by giving it away) or frisbee.  Not that I play a lot of frisbee.  But it would be nice to have the option!  And Kizzy loves grass.  She thinks we are horrible parents because she doesn’t have a large yard and make her suffer with only a small patch on the balcony.

4.  Exercise.  It’s hard to exercise in the city unless you love to run in all temperatures or are a gym rat.  There aren’t any hills to hike.  Or mountains to ski down.  But water skiing works both your abs and your arms.  And tubing requires a strong core.  Kayaking gives you fabulous arms.  Swimming gives you tones legs.  You get the idea.

5.  Space.  We have a balcony.  We had grand plans of using it for drinking wine in the evenings and grilling in the afternoons.  But really, it’s been taken over by Kizzy.  It would be fabulous to have a deck  for grilling and a fire pit for chilly evenings and comfortable chairs for lounging in the sun.

And if our ‘no dependent’ status ever changes, then we need wide, open space for running and screaming and torturing siblings.

6.  The Man Cave.  We live in a condo.  There is no man cave.  Every single room in this condo is taken.  Keith’s out of luck.  But if he will agree to the lake house, I promise to dedicate the basement to him and all of the different beer taps his heart desires.

7.  Friends.  Everyone wants to be friends with the person who has a lake house.  This is because the only thing better than having a friend with a lake house, is having your own lake house.  Although I suppose some realistic person is going to rain on my parade and tell me how much work is required in owning a second piece of property.

8.  Neighbors.  People are more friendly on lakes.  They wave at you as you drive by.  And they shoot water balloons at you from big slingshots as you idle past their cottage.

9.  Football.  In my perfect world, we will find a lake house that is close to Notre Dame so that we can spend the weekend tailgating at the lake then simply move the tailgate to campus.  And we can have all of our friends stay with us so they don’t have to drive in the morning of.  Once again, this makes us immensely popular.

10.  Family.  I want to be close to my mom and sisters so that we can spend all of our time revisiting our childhood and trying desperately to shake the other person off of the tube.

And because of this logic, it means that a lake house is very practical because it will get used all summer with summer activities and all fall with football activities and several times over the winter for all of the holidays and snow sports.  That only leaves it empty for a few months every year!

See, don’t you want a lake house now?  You’re welcome.

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