A Dog’s Day at the Beach

Hallelujah!  The heat has broken.  Yesterday was a chilly 85 degrees.  The perfect weather for a trip to the beach, the Montrose Dog Beach to be exact. 

This is Kizzy’s all-time favorite activity.  Sure, she loves doggie daycare, walks and trips to the country, but nothing compares to the sheer love of the beach.  I’m not sure if it is the water, the sand, the other dogs, the large number of tennis balls floating around the water’s edge … but whatever it is, it makes for one happy (and tired) dog. 

A large number of coastal dwellers have informed me that the beaches on Lake Michigan can’t actually be called a beach due to the fact that they are on a lake and not an ocean.  And that is fine with me.  I would like to draw your attention to this picture taken over the weekend off one of the real beaches at Cape Cod. 

Yep, that’s a great white shark following a kayaker.  Notice the look of panic on the kayakers face.  What is his plan?  Is he going to fight the shark with his paddle?  I guarantee that the biggest threat to your physical safety on Montrose Beach is an overly energetic puppy named Darcy who knocks you off of your feet.  And E. coli.  But no need to worry about sharks!

Anyway, according to Kizzy, the point of going to the dog beach is to chase tennis balls.  This is apparently very important. 

She does not get sidetracked by any of the other fun activities happening on the beach.  Such as the number of dogs playing chase, the kite surfing, the game of tug of war at the water’s edge.  Oh no.  Kizzy just wants you to throw the ball already!

First she begs …

Then you finally give in and give the ball a toss.  Resulting in a mad dash over the breaking waves …

And she has to get their first.  Even if the other dogs are bigger and faster.

Followed by a strange swim/hop combination to get back to shore …

It is entertaining to watch Kizzy when she doesn’t get the ball first and some other dog snags it from right under her nose.  But she doesn’t notice.  And she flounders in the water in a desperate search of the missing tennis ball. 

You can imagine why this makes her tired.

Other visitors to the beach are much more calm. 

Although the bulldog on the left did a pretty good job of keeping up with Kizzy (swimming and everything!  I didn’t even know bulldogs could swim) before he got sidetracked by a game of tug-of-war with another bulldog. 

But finally it was time to leave.  Because I was wet.  Not because of actually getting in the water.  You try staying dry when being constantly around wet, shaking dogs.

When we finally got home, it took 3 shampoos to get all of the sand out of my hair.  And even more effort to get the sand out of Kizzy’s short, brown locks.  

I think I remember why we only go to the beach once or twice a year.

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