The US Olympic Team Uniform

The Olympics are starting soon and I know that everyone has been waiting in breathless anticipation for the release of the official US uniform.  And finally, the wait is over. 

Today is the day. 

The US Olympic committee has released the official uniform for the opening ceremony.  And what is more American than white pants, blue blazers, and Berets. 

Wait, what?  Berets? 

Wouldn’t a baseball cap be more american?  Or what about a cowboy hat?  Even an Uncle Sam white red and blue top hat should have been in consideration.  Seriously people, let’s make our representatives wear something that screams USA. 

I do like the rest of the uniform.  It’s very snazzy.  Although I think the blazer thing has already been done.  And it is a good thing that the Olympics are in July and August because any later in the year, this uniform would be violating the ‘no white after labor day’ rule. 

If I had unilateral authority to choose whatever outfit I wanted, I would make the opening day outfits as stereotypical as possible.  One possible combination would be the American cowboy. 

Complete with scarf, vest and cowboy boots. 

Another option is the ugly American tourist. 

If we are going to be a stereotype, then we might as well be proud of it!  I do have to admit that I used to own and wear a fanny pack.  They are very useful.  Especially at amusement parks when you need to be hands free.  But unfortunately, really ugly. 

A final option is the simple and extremely classy flag shirt.  

Anyway, I don’t see the official ‘Opening Ceremony Olympic Athlete’ costume being very popular this Halloween unless your costume budget is over $1,200.  It would be much more affordable to dress up as an olympic swimmer in a red, white and blue speedo.

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