Alternative Dining: The Food Trucks of Chicago

A friend called a few minutes ago to announce her impending death.  Only after finishing a delicious empanadas, did she discover that the glorious mixture was from a food truck.  She will now probably contract food poisoning, e. coli, psychiatric problems or one of several other maladies.

I guess her proverbial food truck cherry has officially been popped.

But she has a point.  Food trucks are scary.  You never know where it’s been or where it was cooked or who cooked it.  Wait, you might have the same problems at certain restaurants.  So maybe it’s not a big deal?  My darling husband certainly does not think it is worth worrying about.  He is a big fan of food trucks and their slightly less expensive food options. 

So this is obviously an important topic and it is very necessary for me to share with you my extensive knowledge of Chicago food trucks.

To start the list is his personal favorite – the Meatloaf Bakery food truck.

Yes.  That is a meatloaf cupcake with potatoe “frosting” on top.  Covered in gravy.  Although, I suppose that this is where I should admit that I have no idea if this is his favorite.  But it’s my favorite picture, and since he doesn’t read this blog, I can tell the story any way I want.

Then we have the Tamale Spaceship.  Obviously, they make tamales.  But who cares about their food because they wear masks when serving food!

I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind the creepy alien masks … and the mexican hat …

Moving on, most Chicago food trucks focus on dessert.  Specifically, cupcakes.  Even More has a cupcake truck.

And the people who work in the truck are much nicer than the snobby individuals who work at the Gold Coast store.  Seriously, stop looking down on me when I come in to buy a cupcake.  You work in a cupcake store.  Your only job is to spread joy and hand over the sugary concoctions.

We can’t forget the Schnitzel King.

They are already cool because they sell food out of the back of an old post office truck.  And they sell Schnitzels.  What’s not to love?

But there is one food truck I have to mention.  And it’s not actually in Chicago.  But one of the co-workers around here was raving about it.  And I had to mention it.  Because it wins the award for most creative food truck.

People!  It’s a truck shaped like a giant pig!  The owner of this truck should get together with the Chicago retiree who drives the pink Volkswagen bug pig.

I feel like they may have a lot in common.

But I’m waiting for the cupcake truck that actually looks like a cupcake.  That’s how I will know that I have found my one true food truck love.

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