Proof That He Was Not “The One”

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department

It’s a coincidence that I stumbled across this article on the day after I wrote about our adventures in dating and how to know when he is not “The One.”  And I think my list was incomplete – I present to you Reason Number 7:  He ties you up in your house then leaves. 

Read the article here.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Yes, you read that right.  A 71-year-old man tied up his 70-year-old previous girlfriend in her house.  After he left, she escaped and called the police from a neighbor’s house. 

I always hoped that the older we got, the smarter we got about everything.  Including boys … But maybe we don’t …

Was there any sign that he might be the type of guy that ties you up when you aren’t looking?  And what was her plan if he came back early?  Was it going to be the world’s slowest race to the front door of the nearest house.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of 70 year olds are really spry.  But racing isn’t exactly their forte. 

And do we really know that an actual crime was committed?  Maybe it was something planned and then the guy got distracted and completely forgot to stop back by the room to untie her.  I know I forget lots of things and I’m not anywhere close to 70. 

Anyway, I think he ruined any chance of her getting back together with him.  Getting tied up is another one of those things that a relationship doesn’t come back from.  It’s a lot like being left at Wal-mart. 

Happy Wacky Wednesday Everyone!

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