It’s OK, We’ll Make Chicken

You know that moment in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when the Mother of the Bride has just learned that the groom’s family is vegetarian and she responds, “It’s ok, we’ll make lamb?”  

Well, I had that moment on the Fourth of July.  We were on the way to WholeFoods to pick up hamburger patties.  My sister reminded me that one of the guests was vegetarian.  “Ok,” I said, “We’ll get a turkey burger for him.” 

Lori and Keith just stopped and looked at me. 

Yeah, I didn’t think that one through before I opened my mouth.

Well, at least I am not the only one with this problem.  This is a screen shot from my favorite Italian restaurant in Wrigglyville. 

Apparently their definition of vegetarian is eggplant, (yes, that’s true), rosemary chicken (wait, chicken?  Yeah, that’s not vegetarian), and chicken stuffed with prosciutto.  Other then the fact that they spelled prosciutto wrong, there is no way that prosciutto is considered vegetarian. 


Maybe I could buy the vegetarian heading to describe these dishes if they included lots of vegetables.  Nope.  No such luck.  Just chicken and sauce.  I think the last one has some spinach …

Well, at least I’m not the only one to have problems with the definition of Vegetarian.

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