Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs

Above the rolling city of Colorado Springs lurks an underground world of tunnels.  No one knows where it ends.  Each dead-end eventually reveals a new passageway.  And this elaborate maze is open to the public 7 days a week. 

Ok, not the whole maze.  Just the sections the adults have determined to be safe.  But when my parents were younger (translation: pre-kids), the world wasn’t as concerned for the personal safety of tourists.  And they would let you lose into the vast underground world with nothing more than a hard hat and a flashlight. 

My parents spent the day crawling through tight tunnels, worming through mud, and coming out covered in muck.  But the lawyers got their hands on this particular activity and now the Cave is light-filled, excavated for leisurely strolling, and results in clean clothes at the end of the visit.. 

And it’s just not the same.  But we still managed to have fun.  I think that the cave owners realized that they needed to reintroduce an element of danger.  So they created a jungle gym for adults that extends over the edge and allows for a jaw-dropping 600 foot view down to the canyon floor.

Of course, this being the 21st century, you are harnessed in at all times. 

The biggest threat is the loss your sunglasses so I didn’t venture out over the extended potion (hey, it’s not that I’m not a daredevil, I just really like my current sunglasses!). 

My cousin Mark did not have the same fears. 

The rest of the family was to smart to wear sunglasses. 

And thus they ventured out over the canyon which just happened to be the more difficult part of the course. 

So it wasn’t the thrill of discovering something new.  But it was fun to play on for an hour or so before our appointed time to tour the cave. 

Eventually our time as care-free children came to an end and my mother called us to get ready to enter the cave.  I’m a well-traveled adult.  Who is usually capable of making her own decisions.  But there isn’t something about traveling with my mom that makes me want to whine.  Complain.  Moan about how unfair it is.  Even when I’m perfectly happy.  I wish someone could figure that phenomena out. 

Anyway, we entered the cave.  Where of course we had to pose for a picture.

And then the rest of the family kept posing for pictures.  Even if it was just with our old point and shoot.  Oh DSLR.  How you have spoiled me. 

Sometimes the cave does get a little short.

And a little dark.  Which causes the flash to briefly illuminate a face over your shoulder.  It could have been a ghost.  But chances are it’s just your brother.

At one point, our guide turned out the lights completely.  But it’s hard to get scared when a. your mom is with you.  And b. the rest of the group is still cracking jokes. 

All in all, I think it was the perfect end to our four-day trip to Colorado.  We had just enough time to eat lunch and dash back to the Denver airport for our flight home. 

Now I just need to convince my family to go camping or, even better, rafting with us next year!

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