The Perfect Outfit for the Notre Dame Football Game in Ireland

So the Notre Dame / Navy Football in Ireland is just over a week away.  The guys are excited because they are going to watch Notre Dame play in Ireland.  And the girls are stressing about what to wear to watch Notre Dame play in Ireland.  Well, at least this girl is. 

I know this sounds superficial but I have dedicated inordinate amounts of time to finding the perfect football outfit.  It has to be Notre Dame colors.  And casual.  But not so casual that you look dumpy in pictures because there are going to be lots of pictures.  And these particular pictures will probably live forever.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Keith doesn’t want to have a poster sized picture for his future man cave.  Won’t that be nice?  A life-size picture in a frumpy outfit. 

Then there is the weather to take into consideration.  It’s supposed to be a high of 62 with a chance of rain.  So the outfit needs to have layers. 

But I think I finally found the perfect outfit.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for me to order this specific grouping of clothes.  I know!  I was really disappointed!  

But maybe someone else will be able to order this outfit before they leave. 

The dress is from Jenni Kayne, the necklace, shoes and leggings are from Nordstrom, the scarf is from the ND bookstore, and the jacket is from ThisNext. 

Stay tuned for our adventures in London and Dublin as we prepare for the long-awaited Notre Dame / Navy football game.  Now if only I could get my credit card to work.  (Seriously!  It broke last night when I tried to change card types to one that has no international finance fees.  Now it keeps getting declined.  Then I call and they tell me I fixed it.  But the nice lady in the cafeteria has had to tell me twice that my card has been declined.  Talk about embarrassing!)

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