Repeating the Past in London

8 years ago (give or take a couple of months) , a group of Notre Dame Juniors arrived in London.  They stayed for a semester.  And they planned on returning in 2012 for the Notre Dame / Navy football game in Ireland.

It was a reunion of sorts.  A chance to revisit their past.  And to introduce their respective partners to their old haunts.

After years of planning, the trip was finally here.  A core group of friends arrived in London over the weekend where we promptly stayed up to late and got not enough sleep in the morning.  Which is a theme that we are now repeating for the rest of the trip.  That, and pubs.  We’ve been to a lot of pubs.

Anyway, it’s way to late for lots of details.  But suffice it to say that we have seen Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Pauls, the Globe, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Thames, Greenwich, and lots of other old buildings.

I promise to come back with more fun facts about our trip but here are some pictures to hold you over.

The first day it rained. Not a light rain. A full on thunderstorm downpour rain. So we went to the Churchill Museum and a pub. It’s one way to stay dry.

The Globe Theatre. Well, at least a replica anyway. The most interesting fact was that almost half of the audience doesn’t have a seat. Instead they stand in front of the stage. They can even lean on the stage. And in Shakespere’s time, they would even pee right where they were standing. Imagine never having to miss a moment of the show to take care of a personal matter …

The HRM Belfast was in front of the Tower of London so of course we stopped for a visit. And Bryce decided to become the Captain. Hat, Jacket, and all.

I like this picture better because it has two quintessential Brithish elements: the telephone booth and the double decker red bus.

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