Walking in the Footsteps of Giants

The city of Dublin is filled with at least 35,000 Americans.  And that’s only the ones that bought official game day tickets from Anthony Travel.  We estimate the number closer to 50,000.  Trust me, the ND fans are everywhere.  So we did the only logical thing; we left town.

We took a day trip to Northern Island to see the Giant’s Causeway.

This causeway was formed by volcanic rock but the legend is that the Irish giant started to build a path to Scotland (that is only 12 miles away at this point) but the Scottish decided to preempt the invasion by destroying the bridge between the two counties.  And the only remnants are the giant stones on both the Irish and Scottish shores.

It is a 20 minute walk from the visitor center to the bottom of the path.  But we made good use of the time to take photos of the resident camel:


We even had time for a cupid pose.

I suppose I’m going to eventually have to backtrack and tell you why we keep making this particular pose but suffice it to say that it started the very first day in London in Piccadilly Circus.

And a couple of other random photos just to satisfy your curiosity.

You’ll just have to wait for the photo’s of the rope bridge and castles because I have to go to bed so that I can be wide awake for the big game tomorrow!!!

Go ND!!

(P.S.  I added a couple more pictures to the post earlier this week.)

(P.P.S.  I promise to tell you all about our sunset trip to Stonehenge, Bath, Ballyfin, etc … eventually.)

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