We Call it “The Cupid”

It started off innocently enough.  We were in Piccadilly Circus and I was taking pictures of the cupid statue.  Then I requested that Keith try the same pose.

That’s him in front of the statue.  Not the guy in the white shirt to the side of the photo.  That’s a friend who was probably wondering what the heck is Cheryl having Keith do now.

All of the guys joined in on the fun at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

And all of a sudden we had a theme for our trip.  The Cupid!

It was pulled out at Woodhenge …

Then Stonehenge …

We tried a couple of other poses …

But they just didn’t have the same effect.

And we decided it was time to stick to the original theme.

So it crossed the Irish Sea and made its way to Ballyfast hotel where Keith rocked it by himself in front of the fountain.

Then we rejoined the group and made our way to the Giant’s Causeway …

And a rope bridge …

And it provided the perfect picture to end the trip: the entire group doing the Cupid at Aviva Stadium after the Notre Dame / Navy football game.

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