Should I Be Afraid of December 21, 2012?

So the world is ending on December 21, 2012.  It must be true because some guy I passed on the walk to work this morning had a sign that said so.  And you know people with signs never lie. 

Personally, I’m kinda hoping the world does end at the end of the year.  Then I don’t have to worry about turning 30.  Or funding my retirement.  I won’t have to suffer from bad health.  And I won’t have time to grow old(er). 

In fact, I think my life has been pretty good.  I’ve really enjoyed these (almost) 3 decades of life.  Sure, I haven’t cured cancer (which would be a little hard since I work in finance and not, you know, a medical field) or found a solution for world hunger (also hard since I’m not a farmer and the closest I get to growing my own food is killing my balcony plants each year).  

But who cares if I haven’t fixed all of the world’s woes … if the world ends on December 21st, there won’t be anyone around on December 22nd to care!

So, yeah, I think my life has been really great up to this point.  And I’m slightly worried that it is only downhill from here.  But I guess I’m going to have to toughen up and accept that it doesn’t look like the world will actually end on December 21st … at least not for the following reasons that he listed on his sign.

The 5 things he listed as proof of the coming apocalypse were the End of the Mayan Calendar, Galactic Alignment, Polar Shift, Solar Storms, and Asteroids. 

I do find it odd that 3 of his 5 reasons come from outer space.  Wouldn’t you think he would update his sign to reflect problems that are occurring right now?  Like, the muslim uprisings or a nuclear Iran, crazy politicians, and the zombie apocalypse?

But if we were to take his sign at face value (because, once again, just like things you read on the internet, people with signs never lie), I’m reasonable certain his logic is faulty.  Take, for example, his first argument.  The end of the Mayan Calendar. 

The Mayan calendar is marking the end of a 144,000 day cycle.  Which means that we are reaching the end of 398 years.  And I know the world is older than 398 years.  In fact, I was in a church in Britain that was built in 972 … which means it was built over 2.5 cycles ago.  So I think we have a pretty good history of the calendar starting over at the end of each g 144,000 day cycle.

Moving on to the second argument, Galactic Alignment. 

Which I had to google because it turns out that Galactic Alignment has nothing to do with either Star Wars or Star Trek.  It does have something to do with planets and stars lining up.  Which they did in 1998.  And obviously we survived that one …

He mentioned Polar Shift …

Which can happen.  According to one of our only geologist friends, pole shifts do happen but they take 500,000 years.  And I don’t plan on being around in 500,000 years to find out if this is bad or not. 

Now on to Asteroids and Solar Storms … no asteroids are currently on the path to intercept with the earth in 91 days.  I suppose there could be one hiding somewhere or a giant conspiracy to hide the giant lump of rock hurtling towards the earth but I think with all of the star gazers wasting spending valuable time watching the night sky, someone somewhere would have seen it. 

I have to admit that I am rather worried about solar storms … but it takes a day or two for a solar storm to reach earth so I will worry about this one on December 19th. 

All in all, I think there is a very good chance that the earth will live to see December 22nd.  Which means that I probably have to go back to wearing eye cream to disguise eye wrinkles and the boring habit of saving for retirement. 

But if for some reason I’m wrong, I’m silently rooting for the asteroid.  After all, go big or go home.

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