When A Dog Accidentally Tries to Commit Suicide

This is Kizzy.  She is usually a happy, energetic, crazy little monster.  Who has a funky sitting habit. 

Anyway, both of her parents work during the day so sometimes we crate her while we are gone.  I know, we are horrible, awful people.  

But both of us have to work to support her active social life (which you can read about here) so I guess she has to put up with it.  Really, there is no other choice if she wants to continue with doggy daycare, fresh grass on the patio, daily dog walks, and a fancy, name brand, food.  (Yes, I know she is spoiled to the point of ridiculous.)

Her crate is comfortable and, even when we are home, it is her preferred place to sleep.  The problem is that the crate blankets are some of her favorite toys.  She drags them around the house, uses them for tug of war, random games of running, showing off to visitors, and for the occasionally bit of chewing.  

I’m not sure why she chews on blankets.  I don’t think they taste very good.  admittedly, I haven’t actually tasted them so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing.  Anyway, at some unknown point, she chewed a hole in the middle of one of her blankets. 

When I got home from work, she was curled up in her crate and, when I went to open her door, she didn’t immediately move.  I didn’t think anything of it because sometimes she is lazy like that.  Then she tried to stand and slowly collapsed back into a heap.  Almost like she had changed her mind about actually moving.  I chuckled.  (I told you I was a horrible parent!)

Then I noticed that she was doing an odd sort of breathing.  And that’s when I realized that she had managed to get her entire head through a little hole she had chewed into the blanket and now it was not only stuck, but it was cutting off her ability to breathe.  And I’m pretty sure that dogs like to breathe.  At least, this one does.

My first tug on the blanket did nothing and I quickly realized I was going to need scissors.  But now I have a problem.  The scissors are in the kitchen and I’m currently in the bedroom with a slightly panicked dog.  Alright, she was probably more than slightly panicked.  I was the comparably calm one because I was only slightly panicked. 

I eventually (ok, fine, a millisecond later but I’m sure Kizzy thought it was an eternity) made the decision to go after the scissors.  But when I returned, I realized that the blanket was so tight that I wasn’t able to make a cut.  Now cue the full-blown panic.  Although, at this point, Kizzy started to calm down.  So maybe you can’t have a dog and her human panicking at the same time?

I wedged the scissors down in the blanket and made a small cut into the blanket.  Well, that small cut was enough and I was able to get the rest of the blanket off.  She got out of her crate, shook her head, and started playing like nothing had happened. 

And that’s when her father came through the door to save the day.  Seriously, his timing could not have been better. 

But Kizzy is fine.  Well, if you count running into walls, playing fetch until you almost pass out from exercise, and diabolical chewing, as fine.  But she’s always done that so apparently it isn’t a good gauge.

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