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Hurricane Sandy Memes


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The Great Panic of October 2012

This rather fuzzy picture is supposed to be a picture of the clock located outside of our office building.  I don’t know if you can tell but the clock says 6:29.  The problem was that I thought it was 7:29.  … Continue reading

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So Much More Than Elephant Polo

Yesterday I discovered the wonderful world of Elephant Polo.  And when I brought it up to a group of friends last night at dinner, they mentioned that they had also seen Bike Polo. Apparently just like Elephant Polo, Bike Polo … Continue reading

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I’ve Heard of Polo. And I’ve Heard of Elephants. But I’ve Never Heard of Elephant Polo.

We are working on a trip to India and I was doing a little research on the various hotels where we are planning on staying.  Checking out the quality of service, room options, dining … alright, fine, that’s a lie.  I … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Dog

I know what you are thinking, two posts about Kizzy in one week.  Doesn’t she have anything else to write about?  Well, this time I need your help. Remember how I’ve told you how Kizzy’s social life is better than … Continue reading

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The Secret Is Out

I’ve always thought that Kizzy was as trained as she was going to get.  She is good at sitting, she stays, she waits until you tell her she can eat, and she only jumps on people when they first come … Continue reading

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And Then They Were 5th

Can anyone believe that I have spent so much time talking about football?  Yeah, me either.  But in my defense, I feel like I’m more talking about football activities and not actually football.  Like tailgating.  Tailgating is a football activity.  … Continue reading

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