The Would-Be Thief Who (May Have) Got Away

I had a football bye week this weekend.  Which means that I didn’t need to watch any football.  However, that doesn’t mean that I got away with not thinking about football. 

You see, we are gearing up for a big tailgate which requires large amounts of food and beverages.  Since there was no ND football to take up our time, we headed out to start collecting items on our list.  

At some point, I made the brilliant decision to make Chex Mix and I wanted to go to COSTCO to pick up the ingredients.  But in turns out that COSTCO does not sell the ingredients for Chex Mix but isn’t it nice that they have televisions at the front of the store and that we are crazy enough to fall for the impulse purchase?  The TV purchase is not my fault, if anything, I blame COSTCO for having the exact tv we wanted on super sale.   

(Btw, did you know that the “Original Chex Mix” recipe online is not the actual “Original” recipe?  Among other things, the amount of butter has been cut in half and the lemon juice has been eliminated entirely!  And they want you to microwave it!!  Sorry, I got a little off topic but I was shocked that the original wasn’t actually an original and needed someone to listen to me vent).

So we had to go to Dominicks.  The lady checking out in front of us was trying to purchase two $200 gift cards to Home Depot.  (Remember, we are at Dominicks, not Home Depot.)  So this is strange.  Who goes to the grocery store to buy gift cards to Home Depot?  A $25 iTunes card or a $50 VISA gift card I get.  But who needs not one, but two $200 Home Depot cards?

Doesn’t that automatically raise more questions than answers?

Well, apparently Dominicks also finds it suspicious.  Because the cashier printed out an informational ticket and asked for a driver’s license.  She proceeded to write down the name and driver’s license number of the woman who was trying to buy the gift cards.  At this point, the woman is visibly nervous.  But her only question was if you had to be a certain age to purchase gift cards (Yes, you have to be old enough to know not to ask stupid questions!) while she hands over her license.

Then the cashier asks for payment.  The lady swipes her card.  Which is promptly denied.  But instead of embarrassed stammering or asking the cashier to try again (I absolutely hate it when my card is declined.  So embarrassing), the lady says that she will go to the ATM and come back with cash.  And leaves the store.  Never to be seen again.

So the cashier tosses the discarded Home Depot cards on to a pile on top of her register.  That’s right.  There was a pile of 20 or so gift cards that had been activated but not actually purchased.  And that was just the collection for the day at one register!  Apparently this lady was not the only one who expected to make a quick $400 off of a stolen credit card. 

But what really gets me about this story is that Dominicks has her driver’s license number on file!  If they wanted to, they could totally track her down.  Not exactly reassuring for the would-be thief.

So apparently the moral of this story is don’t fall for temptation and buy a TV at COSTCO.  Wait, that’s not it.  The moral of the story is watch more crime dramas.  Not that I’m advocating crime dramas to find out how to committ better crimes.  I’m just saying that you can learn a lot by watching the junk on tv these days …

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