What To Do When Your Eyes Are Tired

This picture has nothing to do with this post. But the other option was a close up of my eye. And that would just be creepy.

This is more information that you probably need to know but I have developed a slight twitch in my left eye.  I’m currently blaming it on staring at a computer screen at work.  It could also be that I am slowly going crazy and the eye twitch is just one more sign of my impending insanity.  But I’m sticking with the computer theory for now. 

So I decided last night was going to be an “eye recovery” night.  I eliminated all evening activities that requires eye focus.  I ruled out the obvious screens first.  My personal computer, the television, the iPad, and my smart phone. 

That’s ok, I have a book I want to finish.  Wait, reading still requires eye focus.  Alright, fine, then I will finish that sewing project I started a couple of weeks ago.  Wait, I have to ripe out that little seam which requires really strong eyesight.  Nevermind.  I’ll finish that bracelet instead.  Oh, right, that requires getting a little piece of wire through even littler holes.  So that’s probably not going to work either.

Well, now I’m out of obvious ideas.  At this point, the solution would have been to take a nap.  But I wasn’t tired so I continued going through my list.  I could cook.  But that requires ready a recipe and I’ve already eliminated reading. 

Keith had class so we couldn’t spend the evening kibitzing over randomness.  Not that we would have had that much to say to each other anyway.  My middle sister already had plans so she wasn’t available for talking either.  Although, I did spend 30 minutes catching up with baby sister on the phone.  That was nice.  30 minutes done.  Only 5.5 hours left.

Going to the gym would have been an excellent activity.  But I try not to leave the dog alone in the evening if she hasn’t had a hired friend to entertain her during the day (translation: dog walks or doggy daycare).  I know, I am making this very difficult. 

I finally decided on knitting.  Because I can do 9/10th of it without looking.  So I turned on some music and sat down to knit.  But I only know three stitches.  And I had no idea what to make.  So I just kept practicing my 3 stitches. 

Then I got the brilliant idea of making a baby blanket.  At the current speed of my knitting skills, it probably still won’t be done by the time that our great- great-grandchildren are approaching the end of their lives.  But that’s ok.  I can start it now knowing that the world is going to end in December anyway.  And it will be just another project that I never finished. 

(BTW – can someone show me how to knit with two different colors?  I mean, I can knit two different colors at the SAME TIME but I’ve never figured out how to make one row green and the next row red with alternating green stitches.  Not that I would want to do that.  But it might a nice, random piece of knowledge to have.)

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2 Responses to What To Do When Your Eyes Are Tired

  1. YouTube has a lot of great tutorials, but the basic idea is you knit however many rows you want of the one color, and cut the yarn (leave a tail of a few inches – you’ll weave in the tail at the end) and start the next row with the new color. Repeat as many times as desired. If you are alternating every row or two, you can avoid cutting the yarn and just pull the new color up each time you want to switch. Hope that helps! Happy knitting!

    • That worked! I can’t believe how easy it is to knit with two colors … and I can’t believe that I haven’t bothered to actually find out before this. Watch out world, my new scarves can now be found in multi-colors.

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